Infecting a series of products with enthusiasm.

Moving away from his ovens. Taking off his white aprons. Washing the flour and fatigue of a day's work off his hands. Stepping out of the shoes of a master pizza chef to put on those of an artist who writes books, designs ovens and makes DVDs.

To patent a brand that guarantees quality and respect for tradition, associating his name with that of a range of ingredients that embody the flavour of passion and excellence.

Living life from all possible perspectives.



An indelible presence, like a passion that pushes you to pass on the secrets of the art of pizza: this was the idea behind "Passione Pizza" (Passion for Pizza) and "Fantasie di Pizza" (Pizza Fantasies), two books that have already had 100,000 copies printed, the former having also been translated into English.

Words drift away on the wind, but a book has the power to make them eternal and ensure they are never lost..

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Wood-fired oven

More than a companion, it is almost a mirror and certainly at times a kind of best friend. It is in a wood stove that the true essence of the art of pizza comes to life. Every chef has their own oven, designed to measure, made with love.

The true soul of a pizza chef.

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Wood-fired oven

Professional electric oven

The desire to break down barriers, bringing the distant closer, and a hunger for innovation inspired the creation of the first professional oven for domestic settings, providing and ideal solution for baking pizzas and other types of traditional recipes in the home.

Experimenting is like traveling with the mind, while the body remains motionless.

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Professional electric oven


In this DVD discussing the origins of the recipe symbolic of Neapolitan tradition, revealing the secrets and transmitting the important legacy to the entire population, the leading roles are played by the ingredients, processes and dough needed to create a true Neapolitan pizza.

The art of pizza meets that of the camera.

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