A chef selects the best ingredients to trace out new paths.

Roads that go beyond the table.
Further than taste, on to pleasure.

Passion is the food of life.


Acqu’ e Sale

Two souls in one heart. The art of pizza combined with that of experimental cooking: a magical blend, like the atmosphere of the Gulf of Sorrento, as it provides a new way to experience flavour.

Acqu’e Sale, when taste goes beyond pleasure.

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acqu e sale

Master Pizza

Invest in the future. Unearth hidden talents. These are the goals that led to the conception of Master Pizza, the first talent show that hunts down the best pizza chef in Italy. A gruelling battle is played out with chefs’ blades and flour, under the stern gaze of judges including Antonino Esposito, creator of the programme. Who will win the first Master Pizza title? Something is at stake that goes way beyond a trophy to put on the wall...

This time you win a dream.

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Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni

Made in Italy products take a trip overseas. This is the passport for Italian culinary specialties that cross borders and extend their reach worldwide. The desire to export tricolour specialities resulted in the creation of Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni (Sorrento Tastes and Traditions), a company has distributed its quality products throughout Italy and especially abroad for many years.

Inspired by a passion for tradition...

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Sorrento Sapori e Tradizioni

Frusta sorrentina®

A refined form that envelopes a delicious and irresistible filling: this is the secret behind the invention of the Frusta Sorrentina, a stroke of genius that evokes intense emotions in those who are looking for imagination in their meals.

The perfect combination of essence and elegance.

Piacere Pizza

Direct a show devoted to flavour. Enhance flavour with a show. This fantastic crossing of paths is the common ground shared by the chef and television writer. It was this double role, and the assistance of Prof. Fabrizio Mangoni, that led to the success of Piacere Pizza, the series aired on the Alice and Arthur channels. Featuring regular guests, different pizza creations were served with a side of compelling stories and unforgettable anecdotes from popular tradition.

The most exquisite show ever.

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piacere pizza


A gamble that paid off. Confirmation that just a few square metres, many of which were occupied by a bowling alley, can be transformed into a great company, where entertainment embraces gastronomy. This is what Ahum has achieved.

The right combination of fun and pleasure.

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Pizza che Passione

A championship... An encounter between pizza lovers, a challenge between friends. Reserved for those who make pizzas out of their passion rather than their profession, the first Pizza che Passione trophy sees "pizza mad" competitors who want to take on a challenge battle it out in a fun and non-competitive setting, learning from others and with others.

Because even pizza can be a game.

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pizza che passione

Skura flour

Before being considered a good teacher, you have to prove that you have been a good student. The obsessive desire to learn new aspects of the profession led to the experimentation and research carried out with Molini Pivetti spa, a flour manufacturer whose ten-year collaboration resulted in Skura, burnt wheat flour that won prizes as the most innovative product of 2014.

Passion is the best teacher from which to learn a lesson, in life as in the kitchen.


Master Pizzaiolo training Lab - Chicago

Launching a training school in America to bring a taste of Italy abroad, to let other nations sample a piece of our country, and to mix the inherent Italian nature of a dish with the influences of other cultures: these paths have been channelled into one direction by the desire to educate the American people about the art of pizza. First the US, soon Japan.
Because Neapolitan tradition knows no bounds in either in space or time.
master pizzaiolo

Associazione pizzerie napoletane nel mondo

To promote the culture of pizza to stop the teachings of our masters from going to waste. To safeguard their advice on how to prepare it, roll it, dress it, cook it and then serve it. This determination has led to the constitution of the Association of Neapolitan Pizzerias in the World, a group of professionals who are committed to passing on the art of pizza with training and courses organised worldwide.

Because a passion has no future, unless you share it with others.
associazione pizzerie napoletane nel mondo

Sorrento Snack

A group of chef friends, a few tiffs and one love: love for their homeland, and for its inimitable ingredients. This is the starting point of Sorrento Snack, a company that makes tasty sandwiches filled exclusively with a selection of the best produce from the Sorrento Peninsula.

A small treasure chest with a wealth of great flavour.

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sorrento snack