Everyone has the right to follow in the footsteps of those who have already trodden a path in life.

It is only in this way that what has been done will never be lost. It is only in this way those who come after us will know how to reach us. They will be able to grow, and eventually overtake us.

Investing in the future means not denying the past.
Rather, we must help to improve the present.


Amateur courses: “Pizza... what a passion!”

Anyone willing to become a pizza chef for a day and discover the tricks of the trade can spend an exciting day in the company of Antonino Esposito and his imagination.

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corso amatoriale

Professional Courses: “Pizza... a profession”

Already a pizza chef? Do you want to increase your skill by refining your technique and style? Or are you simply an amateur who wants to learn the art of pizza, turning your passion into a profession?

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corso professionale pizzaiolo

Gluten Free Courses: “Gluten-free, to suit all tastes!”

This initiative is aimed at all those who want to learn how to prepare gluten-free pizza dough and dishes.

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Gluten Free Courses

Start-up Courses: “Pizza...what a pizzeria!”

For anyone who wants to take the challenge of opening of a new business. We offer advice and professional support. especially in the initial delicate decision-making phase.

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Start-up Courses

Courses for children: “Play and learn with your hands in the dough!”

Special sessions designed to stimulate the imagination and to pass on the importance that food holds in each of our daily lives. It is a unique training experience, thanks to which the children will learn the importance of teamwork and what foods should be respected and never wasted.

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Courses for children

Pizza represents a lot of experience to be lived

Dough brimming with feelings fed by excellent ingredients