A word with five letters, one for each of the five senses.

A magic word that encapsulates the perfect dough, capable of summoning up an ecstasy of sensations.


Dough stuffed with feelings

Water, flour, yeast, salt ... all mixed together with the most important condiment: PASSION.

The Tradition

Il lievito madre - “criscito”

Rising is a natural process.


lievitazione antonino esposito

Respect for tradition blended with love for a craft
that history has bequeathed to us and which must continue to live throughout the new generations.

The dough: tradition, research and innovation

The goodness of a recipe comes from the quality of the ingredients, at the dinner table as in life. This is the spirit that requires you to keep using and experimenting with new types of products. Like the special variations of flour, the magic powder that is transformed into pizza when mixed with love and skill. 

Different methods that lead to the same flavour: that of perfection.

The dough

Gluten-free, to suit all tastes!

The attention deserved by those forced to make sacrifices.

Gluten Free dough transforms a particular condition into a unique opportunity.

Gluten Free

Painting with the flavours needs a palette with many colours.

The fire of piennolo tomato. The hope of basil. The creaminess of mozzarella.
The sunshine provided by extra virgin olive oil and the gold in the scent of lemons from Sorrento.

The unforgettable colours of the homeland in carefully selected ingredients.

Raw materials

Pizza means culture.

It unites the past and the future. It is study and flair. Genius & recklessness.